Backyard Rewilding – A Photo Essay

In March I embarked on a project to rewild a small area of my back yard. Rewilding on a large scale is gaining momentum as it is reported that “56% of species in the UK [are] in decline and 15% [is] threatened with extinction. Biodiversity needs space to flourish’. I begun by clearing a small area in the back corner of paving slabs and turning over the soil.

I scattered generous amounts of wildflower seeds containing different grasses and flowers to create a ‘meadow’ hoping to attract insects like bees and butterflies and eventually a diverse array of birds.

Throughout April and May patience was required as green shoots begun to appear – then in early June, vibrant cornflowers begun to reveal themselves, ready to attract bees and butterflies.

Within ten days the area was transformed from green to a spectrum of colour.

Each day new colours appear as flowers begin to bloom – poppies and daisies arrive anew each morning providing pollen for bees.

Hoverflies have begun to arrive – mimicking bees and wasps in appearance, they are in fact true flies. The adults drink nectar and eat pollen and honeydew.

Hopefully as the summer months proceed the ‘meadow’ will continue to attract an increasingly diverse number of insects and birds, and the new butterfly house will become occupied. With very little effort on my part the garden has become transformed, where there was concrete and barren soil there is now life and colour. The area is teeming with activity, providing a small space in my urban backyard for nature to exist and flourish.

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